Make your  Organisation's future happen - don't let it happen to your organisation

 Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization's direction in response to a changing environment. Strategic planning in the non-profit field seems to be a habitual process that is repeated at regular intervals. It seems that many organisations see their annual strategic planning process as a short term magical tool that will prevent the previous year’s wrong of repeating in the next year (an annual rain dance one writer called it)

The Organisational Puzzle assists organisation to design and Implement a Results Based Strategic Framework and process to guide the design, implementation and monitoring of relevant, sustainable and impactful Social and Community Based Services

Phase 1: Preperation and Developing a Base Line for Future Development: Cost R6500

  • 1. Historical Review and Institutional Memory - Focussing on all aspects of organisations  - Finances, Fundraising, Services, HR, Marketing, Administration etc. 3 year History . Time Frame Month 1
  • 2. Developing a Base ine for present Status; Organisational Audit(all Key staff Involved) - SWOT analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Partnership Matrix, Service Priority Matrix, Risk Analysis, Competitor Analysis etc.
  • 3. Collating all information into detailed base line document, developing focus of strategic plan - provide to participants in advance:  Time Frame - Month 2
  • 4. Developing a Strategic Agenda - Agreed with client in advance. Time Frame Month 2

Phase 2: Strategic Planning Session: Cost R6300

  • 2 day Strategic Planning session. Cost of venue, accomodation and travel for client account .  Developing forecast ( Time frame- month 3)

Phase 3: Documentation and Operationalising Plan: Cost R5500

  • 1. Updating of preperation document, developing forecasts , develop responsibilities
  • 2. Implementation plan for strategic planning - including 3 year forecast ( time frame - Month 4)
  • 3. One year operational plan

Phase 4: Monitoring: Cost 3700

  • 1. Organisational wide evaluation of implementation of strategies and progress involving all key Staff and managment
  • 2. Follow up session - one year after strategic planning sessions ( Month 12)

At the end of Month 12 client will have ( @ cost of R22 000)

  • 1. Three Year Historical Review of all aspects of organisational Functioning - using the past to create the future
  • 2. Three Year Strategic Plan - including focus on services, HR. fundraising etc
  • 3. One year operational Plan
  • 4. Measurable outcomes and indicators relating to all aspect of organisational functioning
  • 5. Risk Managment Plan
  • 6. SWOT Analysis, Priority Matrix, Organisational Culture review, Partnership Matrix, Competitor Analysis etc
  • 7. Ongoing monitoring of progress
  • 8. Ability to monitor, evaluate and adapt strategic plan on ongoing basis
  • 9. Abitlity to replicate and scale strategic planning processes in their organisation
  • 10. Direction Established
  • 11. Information rich processes ensures ongoing productive discusions
  • 12. Consensus on the Key Issues, Communication on Priorities
  • 13. Committment to implement Strategies
  • 14. Cooperation from those charghed to reach strategic objectives, Control of Strategic objectives
  • Costs indicated relate to services in the Cape Metropole and Surrounding areas.  In other areas Travel and accomodation must be included


Governance, Accountability & Sustainability