isk is defined as the  effect of uncertainty on objectives

 Risk Management is a central part of any organisation's strategic and operational Management. It is the process whereby organisations methodically address the risk attaching to their functions with the goal of achieving sustained benefit within each function and accross the scope of all functions. Risk Management supports accountability, performance measurement and reward - thus promoting operational efficiency at all levels.  This includes limiting the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realisation of opportunities.  It provides for an increased likelihood of achieving the organisations aims, objectives and priorities and assists in prioritising the allocation of organisational resources.

The Organisational Puzzle assist organisations in assuring that Risk Management is a continous and developing process which runs throughout the organisation's strategy and implementation of that strategy. We ensure that organisations methodically address all the risks surrounding the organisations past, present and in particular the future.  We translate the strategy into tactical and operational objectives, assist in assigning responsibilities and monitoring of the plan.  The process includes

  • Phase 1: Internal Organisation Audit: Cost R7600. Month 1
    • a. Historical and Data Review
    • b. 2 day on site Assessment including focus groups, individual surveys, governance
    • c. Building a Risk Awarness Culture
    • d. Draft Risk Management Plan distrubuted in advance of workshop
  • Phase 2: Developing a Risk Matrix and Risk Managment Plan: Cost R6000. Month 3
    • a. One Day on site Workshop
    • b. Development of Risk Matrix
    • c. Development of Risk Managment Plan - Scope, Triggers , Consequences and Responses
    • d. Assistance with regards to risk avoidance, retention, transfer or other strategies
    • e. Development of tools and processes to formally report on risks - control methods, monitoring etc
    • f.  Development of policy
    • g. Update and finalisation of Risk  Managment Plan


Governance, Accountability & Sustainability