The Organisational Puzzle believes  that organisations need to develop internal capacity to most effectively and efficiently sustain itself over the long term. Organisationsal development is seen as the organisations readiness to change and adapt to the fast-chanching external market in order to ensure long term sustainability, and is closely associated with Strategic intervention.  Various modules are available - either as seperate entities or as collated comprehensive intervention.

Module 1: Organisational Audits: Organisations have to periodically review how they are doing in this regard and also determine where they need to improve. We assist organisations in developing an integrated sustainable audit baseline – based on general and organisational specific indicators. Accountability audits refers to a kind of audit supervision mechanism that aims to supervise and evaluate how the organisation performs and satisfies required levels of accountability. Accountability relates to all aspects of organisational performance –Financial, Fundraising, HR, M & E, and Administration etc. We assist Organisations to determine entry level of Accountability, and also assist Organisations to develop tools, processes and benchmarks to facilitate a high level of systemic accountability. Included in the Audit is a 2 day on-site assessment utilising pre -determined performance indicators, risk analysis, organisational culture survey, and a historical and forecast analaysis regarding all aspects of organisational functioning.  A one year follow up assessment  and workshop is also included to determine corrective action taken and impact thereof.  Cost: R7600

Module 2: Standards, System and Protocol Design: Various Modules are availabe - either as standalone or collated.

  • 1. Human Resource Management
    • Outcomes/Performance Based Job Descriptions : 8 Job descriptions @R600 each: Total Cost -R4800
    • Appraisal and Performance System and Tools: Total Cost -R3900
    • Policies and Procedures: ( Appointment, Appraisal, Staff Development, Staff Performance, Grievance, Volunteers, Disciplanry, Staff Retention, Administration) Total Cost -R5800
  • 2. Financial Governance: All aspects (Procurments, asset management, petty cash, Financial Planning, Table of Authorities etc): Total Cost- R3400
  • 3. Organisational Governance:5 modules - Managment Board, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Fundraising, Program design and review:  Total Cost-R3400

At the end of Month 5 client will have (@Cost of R28900 if accessing all modules)

  • 1. Base Line to  measure future governance compliance against
  • 2. Outcomes based Minimum Standards for all aspects of organisational functioning
  • 3. Be in position to repeat internal audit processes in future
  • 4. Standards,Policies and Procedures for all aspects of organisational functioning ensuring a high level of compliance with accepted standards of governance
  • 5. A results based performance and appraisal system
  • 6. Various tools as utilised in processes wich will enable client to replicate proces in future including risk managment plan, historical reviews, stakeholder analysis etc.
  • 7. Be in position to claim high level of organisational governance and accountability with regards to potential funders.
  • 8. Promotion of common understanding among mangement, supervisors and staff of performance requirements accross all aspects of the organisation
  • 9. Be clear on the gaps and development needs in the organisation
  • 10. Critical mass of shared thinking - people are aligned
  • 11. Effecitve bussiness re-organisation
  • 12. Development of Organisational framework that builds on organisational strengths, whilst planning to overcome any challenges


Costs indicated relate to the Cape Metropole and surrounding areas. For other areas travel and accomodation must be included




Governance, Accountability & Sustainability