There are many reasons for implementing Monitoring and Evaluation practices in organisations -including the requirements of donors and stakeholders - and they are all valid. Every Modern company, Including Non-Profits and Grant Makers - even the smallest- benefit from bussiness intelligence. The Organisational Puzzle believes that the main reason for M & E is that organisations have the ethical responsibility to ensure that the services and products they offer have at least a reasonable expectation of positively impacting on vulnerable people's lives and social problem. We assist organisation to develop and implement business intelligence systems to obtain relevant, accurate and timeous organisational and service information.

 Module 1: Electronic Excel based Statistical System

  • Phase 1:  Organisational audit on forms, reporting requirements etc. to determine information requirements; Development of 40 organisational and service indicators;  Workshop on indicators and tools. Cost R4000 once off. Month 1
  • Phase 2: Development of Computer program to analyse stats, 40 indicator reports, according to client requirements. Reports set up to also  generate  specific information and format of stakeholders such as DSD, Funders etc.Costs - Included above. Month 2
  • Phase 3: Data Production and Analysis.  Client Capture information.  40 indicator tabels monthly by contractor, additional data sets according to client requirments - i.e. DSD etc. Cost R2700pm. Month 2-12
  • Phase 4: Capacity Building. Quarterly site visits to client - analysing information, retrieving information etc. Costs - included above: Month 2-12

Module 2: Dashboards

  • Phase 1:Audit accross all sections of organisation - services, finances, HR etc. Development of indicators in conjunction with client. Development and selection of tools.Programming of Dashboard Cost R3500 once off. Month 1
  • Phase 2: Monthly population of dashboards based on information provided by client. Analysis of information etc. Cost R1900 pm. Month 2-12
  • Phase 3: Capacity Building. Quarterly site visits to client - analysing information, retrieving data, development of additional information sets  etc. Costs - Included above. Month 2 -12

Module 3: Customer Satisfaction

  • Phase 1: Organsational administrative audit. Audit accross all sections of organisation. Costs R4500 once off. Month 1-2
  • Phase 2: Development of tools - survey, focus groups, invidual interviews,panels .Capacity Building of organisational staff in utilising and applying tools, collating information. Cost R4500 once off. Month 2-3

At the end of Month 12 the client will have

  • a. Electronic Statistical System- @ cost of R36400
    • Collated Electronic Stats system with the ability to provide information for all stakeholders
    • Data sets linking various sets of information
    • At least 40 measurable indicators
    • Client and Service profile with data interlinked as required
    • Abilty to compare with targets
    • Ability to drill down in information
    • Ability to retrieve and interpret information
    • Be in position to manage own stats database
  • b. Dashboard -@cost of R22400
    • Organisational wide performance snapshot
    • Ability to drill down in information
    • Snapshot of organisational Health
    • Triangulation of information
    • Up to date bussiness intelligence
    • Ability to manage and interpret own dashboard



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