Objective: Development and Implementation of Resource Mobilisation Strategy and Campaigns to develop organisational Capacity to implement successful and auonomous fundraising activities 

Time Frame: 12 Months

  • Phase 1: Organisational Audit: Cost  R3000 Once Off. Time Frame-Month 1. Included is SWOT analyis, On-site assessment utisling standard based tool, Organisational Culture assessment etc.
  • Phase 2: Developing Tools and Templates. Cost of R3500 once off. Time frame Month 2
    • a. Organisational Service Profile. Includes Historical review on all aspects of organisational functioning - finances, Fundraising, HR etc. Forecast in terms of finances, services etc. Detailed implemenation plans with measurable indicators, outcomes for all aspects of organisational functioning
    • b. Development of 6 focussed based proposals based on client and donor focus
  • Phase 3:Direct Fundraising: Cost R3500 pm. Time Frame Month 2 - 12
    • a. Five  targeted proposals pm - sourced by contractor and instructed by client
    • b. Monthly Output reports to client detailing all activities undertaken
    • c. Quarterly forecast to clients regarding planned activities for coming quarter
    • d. Follow up with donors as required
  •  Phase 4: Developing Comprehensive Database:Cost included Above. Time Frame Month 2 - 12
    • a. Building of client Database - 8 potential matched pm ( including proposals sent off)
    • b. National and International
    • c. Total for year one - 100 Potential matches
  • Phase 5:Developing Client Capacity: Cost Included Above: Time Frame Month 2-12
    • a. Bi Monthly meetings with clients
    • b. Mentoring and in service training to client regarding client solicitation and follow up
    • c. Mentoring of client regarding donor cultivation, research and stewarship
    • d. Developing a Case Statement
  • Phase 6: Developing a long term fundraising Strategy: Cost R4000 one off. Time Frame Month 7-12
    •  At the end of Month 12 the clients will  have(@ a cost of R 45 000)
    • a. One Hundered international and National Donor matches
    • b. Six proposal templates
    • c. Organisational Audit and Service Profile
    • d. Case Statement
    • e. Long term Fundraising strategy
    • f. Capacity to develop proposals, source and manage donors
    • g. Ability to Manage own fundraising activities and strategies
    • h. Sixty  Potential  Donors reached


Governance, Accountability & Sustainability